Lich King Skull Kerosene Lighter Brass Carved W/ Luminous Eye

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Unleash the power of the Lich King with our Skull Carved Kerosene Lighter. The brass construction and luminous eye detail create a striking piece that stands out in any collection.

Weight = 120g

The Brass Luminous Eye Lich King Skull Carved Kerosene Lighter is a unique and special piece in our collection. This lighter features a striking design of the Lich King Skull, making it a standout piece in any lighter collection.

The lighter is made from high-quality brass, ensuring its durability and longevity. The intricate carving of the Lich King Skull adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the lighter, making it a must-have for any collector.

The luminous eye of the lighter gives it a unique and intriguing look, adding to its charm and appeal. This lighter is not just a tool, but a piece of art that you can display proudly in your collection.

The lighter is easy to use and provides a strong and consistent flame, making it suitable for various uses. Whether you’re lighting a cigar or starting a campfire, this lighter won’t let you down.

Overall, the Brass Luminous Eye Lich King Skull Carved Kerosene Lighter is more than just a lighter. It’s a piece of art, a symbol of power, and a reliable tool. It’s a lighter that you’ll be proud to own and display.


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