Reliable EDC Titanium Lighter | Windproof Tool Outdoor Use

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Reliable Titanium Alloy case for outdoor enthusiasts. Ideal for camping and hiking. Shop now!

“Enhance you’re lighter with our Titanium Alloy TC4 case, expertly crafted for durability and style. Our case is designed to provide a precise fit, measuring approximately 614216mm with a thickness of 2mm, and weighing around 75g. Please note that we sell the case only, without the insert (liner). Our case is specifically tailored to fit Zippo fuel inserts, as shown in the display pictures. Elevate your lighter’s aesthetics and functionality with our premium case. Order now!”

Material: Titanium Alloy TC4
Note: We only sell the case, don’t include the insert(liner).
The case only fits the ZPO fuel insert, just like the display pictures.


Washing Stone, Flame titanium, colorful


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