Zorro 902s Deep Carved Copper Kerosene Lighter Windproof

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Discover our exceptional selection of Zorro Brass Copper lighters, now available at unbeatable prices during our popular sales event! These brand new, genuine products are designed to impress, ensuring a satisfying experience for every customer.

Rest assured, we prioritize your satisfaction. We offer a hassle-free buying process, allowing everyone to purchase with confidence. However, please note that special prices and popular sales items are final, and we do not support returns or exchanges unless there is a quality issue.

Our carving machines, crafted with precision, will be shipped within 2-5 days. Once payment is received, they are sent to our workshop for engraving. You can track your order’s logistics updates after it has been shipped.

① We have recently added a variety of copper machines to our store, recognizing that customers may be unfamiliar with the different materials. To assist you in making an informed choice, we provide a brief introduction to these products. We encourage you to bookmark our store, as we will be launching numerous new and exciting items in the near future!

(2) Copper products possess remarkable qualities such as high corrosion resistance, artistic appeal, environmental friendliness, bacteriostatic properties, longevity, and broad applicability. The value of copper items for collectors is also noteworthy. Additionally, the captivating oxidation process that occurs on the surface of copper machines adds a delightful aspect to their use.

Let’s delve into the characteristics and distinctions of brass, white copper, and red copper:

1. Brass: This widely used alloy of copper and zinc creates a magnificent feeling and exhibits excellent oxidation effects. It stands out as a popular choice in the market due to its alluring qualities.

2. White Copper: Also known as Tibetan silver or nickel silver, this copper-nickel alloy offers high durability and a color reminiscent of pure silver machines. White copper oxidizes relatively slowly, resulting in a noble and refined appearance. Its oxidation process is comparable to that of stainless steel, which also contains nickel.

3. Red Copper: Representing pure copper, red copper machines require intricate production techniques and pose challenges in welding. However, their distinct oxidation patterns, transforming from rose gold to chocolate hues, create a rare and sought-after aesthetic. Red copper machines exude a historical and retro literary style.

These three copper machines possess unique characteristics, making the choice a matter of personal preference.

Please note that copper materials oxidize rapidly. Initially, they exhibit a rose gold shade, which gradually transforms into a rich chocolate color as you enjoy their use. It is worth mentioning that slight oxidation marks or spots may be present on the copper mirror machines upon leaving the factory. Additionally, the polishing process may result in polishing marks, not scratches.

Choose our Zorro Brass Copper lighters for an exceptional blend of craftsmanship, elegance, and functionality. Embrace the beauty of copper and elevate your experience with these remarkable products.


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